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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quality time

Quality time with the family, you will never regret.I told the Church on the first Sunday of the year, I am going to live this year like it was my last.I have so far, and it has been rewarding.
I have overlooked things that I would not have, I have confronted things I would have over looked.
Life is wonderful, it is a great gift we have, and a privilege God has given us.
We own nothing, not even ourselves, when God serves the eviction notice, and our heart stops. Then we know who is in absolute control. My thinking is, give him control now.
I am far from selfish with my kids and grandkids, worldly things mean nothing compared to them.
Sometimes we will loose one before we realize just how precious they are.
I lost a grandson 3 years ago. Life has changed, values have changed.
I thank God for the changes, my life is richer, and I am content.
My plan is to take all of my kids and grandkids to Heaven with me.
I try my best to show them who God really is, and how faith can improve their lives today.

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