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Friday, January 25, 2008

Influence, how to use it

If you have influence, you have the ability to turn people that are neutral in your direction.
Influence should be used more as a trim tab on a airplane than a rudder.
I have found that to be effective with ones influence, you first need to be with a group that is headed the same direction you are. There would be no need to try and use your influence on a train going the opposite direction.
You will only be able to influence people if your direction helps them, in their direction.
Always use it with caution. Influence is a earned respect, years of it can be lost in seconds.
Here is the kicker, a man or woman with influence is seldom influenced by others.
Follow me, we all have been influenced by those whom we respect, and admire.
I am talking about the other side, when people see that you have respect and influence,
you become a target for those who want to go a different direction.
It is like being a gun fighter, they think if they knock you off they will have your followers.
They are so wrong, influence and respect is not gained by demising someones respected,
it gained by earning respect from the man or woman with respect.
Being a target, or being pressured from some one for you to go along with their plan, is what I am taking about, if they could just have you with them, they could get people to do what they want them too.
You must realize first that if they need you, they do not have enough respect to influence the move themselves. That being said; you can not be influenced by them.
People will be upset, they will say nasty things, all because you do not support them with your influence.
Respect is earned, it will make you a leader, it will come natural, not because you have the title, but because people trust you, they believe you have their best interest at heart.
If you want to lead, and be respected, and have influence, there is only one way, earn it.

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