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Friday, January 18, 2008

I knew a Honest and Good Man

My dad told me a long time age, he said remember a thief never will trust anyone.
I grew up in a the home of a good and honest man.
I was trusted as a young man to make good choices.
I know parents that do not trust their children with any decision.
I usually can see why, because the parent is not trustworthy.
The bible say know the truth and the truth will set you free.
Jesus was on trial, being falsely accused, Jesus said I am the truth.
Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life.
Truthfulness is something that has lost its appeal, being covered by bad business habits.
The love of money, and selfishness.
My dad was a salesman, and he did well, when I turned 16 he sold the 1963 corvette split window. He trained his sales men not to lie to get a sale.
He told us many times when we were kids, stories how he would get the sale, because he didn't lie.
How a competitor would tell people how much better their insurance policy was than his.
He would say I told the customer, no we are all regulated by the same laws, my policy not better, than his. They are the same. You choose who you want to do business with.
He would tell the customer to call the other insurance salesman on the phone and have him come when my dad was there. My dad had not fear, because he was honest.
I will always choose to do business with a honest man.
I have learned when a honest man makes a honest mistake, it is always forgivable.
When a man makes a mistake knowingly, to take advantage, it may be forgivable, but the trust has been lost.
My mom and dad raised 4 children, my younger brother is a minister, my sister is a children's minister, and my older brother was a engineer, that left his job to run our church state youth camp for six years.
My brother was 54 years old, he and his wife were visiting their son in Nashville, he went to bed, and never woke up. He was a honest man, as my dad and mother. His son Eddie, and Gloria Gather wrote the song recorded by Allison Durham Speer, Break This Heart
I am not saying we are always right, but we were taught by example to be honest.
God bless my dad, one of the finest men I have ever know.
Dad is now 87 and can not remember much form one minute to the next. Mom said he tells her how pretty she is about 50 times a day, because he forgets that he had already told her.
She doesn't mind helping him, because he is and was always good to her.
I will do my best to honer the most noble man I have know, by doing my best to be a Honest Man.

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