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Monday, January 14, 2008


Everyone wants to be a leader, but no one want to pay the price.
The price of leadership has not been discounted, no blue light specials, it cost the same today
as it always has. The world is screaming for someone to be a true leader.
A leader must take full responsibility, for the direction any group goes. He must be willing to sacrifice himself for his followers, the followers must know that about him.
That can not be faked, or copied, a real leader will lay himself all out for his followers.
A leader takes all the blame, and gives away all of the praise.
A leader must have vision, without vision people perish. Leadership is not a popularity contest, at times the leader is the least popular of anyone.
Leaders are not intimidated, by anything or anyone.
There has been a strong move toward leadership by intimidation. That is, the meaner the boss, the more they can get accomplished. That type of leadership is short lived, and much over stated. The lose of ones temper, the raising of ones voice, the anger, are all signs of weakness, that will be sensed by the followers, and they will look for a new leader.
A leader must be in control at all times, not just of the situations, but of themselves.
A leaders habits, life, and ethics are all important.
I have learned that leadership is not taught, it is caught, it is a responsibility you feel, it is not a big head about the position, but a servant attitude. A true leader sees themselves not as a conqueror with a crown, but a protector with a sword. A true leader is hard to find, in this day of money, education, and power.
There still are a few, find them, follow them, and your life will be enriched.

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