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Monday, January 14, 2008

Evolution Creation

Being a minister you would think that my mind would be to just accept creation as a fact.
Being a person educated in the 60's, during the space flights, moon walks, and computers, I have learned to question, study, and come up with some logical conclusions.
After over 50 years of education, and thousands of pages read on things I don't quit understand.
Is believing that God being big enough to create this world, is not out of the question?
Not if you believe in eternal life, and heaven being a better place than the earth.
The first thing I ask myself is, do I believe in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead,
that answerer is yes, for many reasons. I will address that in another topic.
If God did raise Jesus from the dead, and created a better place for us and gives us eternal life, then it is not a stretch for me to believe that God can create where we now dwell now.
The belief in evolution, to me would take more faith than I have, first, you need to find life from nothing, just a natural process, a process that we have no evidence of in all of our finding.
God said he created life and he created it abundantly. If we look at the small restricted place where we find life, this earth, and just a few hundred feet into the atmosphere, and just a shallow depth into the earth, you find life abundantly, each after its kind. Plant life, a banana will never be a apple, but it is a fruit that sustains life. A potato will never be a green been, but it does help us to sustain life. A horse will never be a dog, a bird will never be a worm. This earth is filled with life, everywhere you look, and it is abundant.
The age of the earth according to natural processes would need to be billions of years old, but even in billions of years, if you look at what is being taught as fact as to what the earth was like with the granite platforms developing, and mountains protruding, where is the earth, the dirt, where is the fertile soil, did it develop by rocks, and steal, eroding?
In the process of evolution where do we place a elephant? The elephant has knees on the front of all four legs, he rises on all four legs. Can you name on other four legged animal with knees on the front of all four legs? No you can not, and neither can I, how big would the elephant need to be before evolution moved his knees to the front? Look at the eye of a man a bird, a cat, all are different. In evolution where the fittest survive, why all the differences? We see there are many animals becoming extinct, and those who are worried about this, many are evolutionist. My thought would be. In the natural course of evolution, seeing more species of animals not less would be the rule.
If a person is a evolutionist, how can he not be a raciest, how could a evolutionist not believe that one race would develop above another. Where is the missing link? There would need to be a link between every spicy of animal, as well as plant. DNA would show common characteristics between all species. The more we study DNA we fined that we are all wondrously made.
The moon itself is amazing, when was it part of the earth according to evolution, most everyone believes it to be much younger than the earth, how could there be any life without the pull of the moon on the tides. If the world was all water as those who believe in evolution, where did that water go? Look at the grand canyon, it is beautiful, but where did all of that dirt go, you would think if it were erosion, we would see where it gathered.
After all of my studying, and assimilating my thoughts in a logical manner.
I believe in creation, there is more evidence of it, and a much more logical course of events.
We do find the tide turning around those who are studying the universe, most know that life could not have just developed and evolved here, so we put up the Hubble telescope to find where life began. Honestly if the evolutionist and scientist believed it evolved here, why spend the money on something like that.
If a person does not believe in God then evolution can be their best illogical explanation as the where we came from. Like my grandfather did not believe that man went to the moon, so he went his life believing that is was all just a movie. He did not understand it, so he could not accept it. Many can not understand Gods gift to man, so they can not accept it.
Creation is much more logical than evolution, with what we know today. Both evolution and creation take a step of faith, faith is the substance of things hoped for but the evidence of things not see. We honestly can not find any human history going back further than about 8 thousand years. It takes faith on both sides to believe anything beyond that.
I find faith in a big God makes life much more bearable, it helps when you walk away from a cemetery, it helps when you are in the hospital, it also helps when dealing with life's everyday struggles.

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