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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When people slip away from Christ

Through my years I have watched as people slip away from God.
I am always praying about what to do, if anything. I feel I do to little, too much, my timing is too late, or I step in too soon.
All I know is that I hurt. I always hurt. I am the watchman, and I repent for my failure.
I realize, Gods voice is there when my voice is silent, Gods hand is there when my hand is absent. God loves them more than I do, and he will do what I can not do.
The good ones always come back, God may break their heart, strip them of the world, or just love the daylights out of them. He does not loose his own, those who have a heart for God.
God is God, the hardest part is I know exactly what is outside of Gods will. It is a wicked sinful world, that will only take and never give. It is a drugged up drunken, self-serving world filled with death, with no hope. I learned the hard way, maybe that is why it hurts me so much. I have seen them after the world is finished with them.
I pray for all that have slipped, I pray gods presence be so strong, his love so powerful, than no one can go to far, without god's love overpowering any pull from the enemy.
I have always pray that God reveal the enemy to them, in such a way that they see just how ugly he is. Satan seldom wants our body, without God it will self destruct, it is our soul he is after, our influence that would bring others to Christ.
I warn them, because I am commanded to watch for their souls. I warn them because I care. I warn them because they are part of me as they are part of Christ.
When I have done all I can do.
My faith then takes over, I  am usually left broken but with a better awareness of what can happen to anyone anytime, if we let our guard down. When I have nothing left, I see and feel God, and if I can feel him, I know that others can feel him too.
People seldom slip because of sin.Sin usually follows, but people slip, because of alliances made with the enemy, that take them away from the commitments they have made to God. It can be as innocent as a Bowling league, Ball team, or work relations. It is seldom sin, but sin usually gets the blame, because that is what we see, usually after the the deception has already worked its work.
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
1 John 4:4
How does one get back, by dieing unto Christ, and them burying yourself in his word, his people, his music, his work, and having noting to do with anything of the world.
It is surrender. Until then non of us have ever had a real relationship with Christ.
We need to stop looking at others, and look in a mirror. God works on me every time one slips. Every time, and I find I could have done more, and I could have done it better. That makes me better, and always brings me closer to Christ, and that is a good place to be.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nine Eleven

Nine eleven is finally here
it stirs our hearts with all kinds of fear

To many it is a memory we cannot forget,
to others it's a vision of when the plane's hit.

Whether thinking or seeing it matters not.
This is a time that cannot be forgot.

Help those who cannot feel your hand,
to at least see evil in Satan's land.

Help us to know there's a war to be won,
it is not with a people but the evil one.

It is a spiritual battle that is won only through Christ,
Lord give us the victory as we give you our life.

Nine eleven will soon be past,
only what's done for Christ will last.
R.L. Fry 9-11-11