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Monday, July 28, 2008


Fear is a great motivator, the problem is it usually motivates us in the wrong direction.
Fear will control our lives if not confronted.
What can help over come fear, faith.
Faith will confront fear and they can not exist together, it is like water and oil, they do not mix. Faith in knowing God will and can take care of you, he knows your circumstances,
he has your best interest at heart.
Let's say you have a fear that your are going to get laid off from your job.
If the boss sends you a letter stating that your job is secure, then the faith in what the boss has written will overcome that fear.
God has sent us a letter that says that he cares for us, and he has our names in the palm of his hands. Believing what God has told us, will help to overcome the fear, and stop the worry.
Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there.
Trust God

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heaven or Hell

The Bible teaches of two distinct places which are eternal.
One is Heaven, it is reported the 9 out of 10 Americans believe in Heaven.
Heaven is seldom preached about, but it seems that the song writers have found a great way to express what Heaven is going to be.
The Devil will not just come out and say there is no Heaven he will just try to make it boring, and unattractive to those who want to experiance life. The truth is that Heaven is exciting, beautiful, satisfying, and completes life itself. In Christ you have the abundent life.
Hell on the other hand is a place that is spoken of even more than Heaven in the new testament, yet it seems that few really believe that it exist. How can anyone doubt one place without doubting the other. How can one choose to believe in one destiny and totally ignore the other.
To me that would not fit into logical thinking, yet that type of thinking is done today,
even in many so called Bible believing churches.
Both Heaven and Hell are motivators, they motivate us do better, to live better, and they teach us that there is an accounting for how we live.
If we can catch the concept of heaven and hell we will live a life more compelling to what real Christianity is supposed to be, and the rewards for our commitment will follow.
God Bless you as you contemplate the reality of Heaven and Hell.