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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Remember Samson and Delila

Samson was a really strong man, it seemed he could not be defeated.
There was a questions ask by Delila, she said where does your strength come from.
That question tells us alot about what God is teaching us.
It tells us that Samson did not look strong, for observing him you could not tell where his strength came from. Many time when we see someone do something great, we know why, we can see why and how they did it. How about when we see just a average person do something great.
The lesson is, Samson received his power from God, we need more people relying on God and his power to move mountains in our lives, and clean this world up for our grandchildren.
We are to be the salt of the earth, presenting the light of the world, but we walk around trying to build our life in our own power, build Gods church with our own power. It just does not work that way, power to do the miracles, lies within him, and we must reach out to him to receive it.

If we have that power, and many do, and many churches do, there is only one thing you need to do to loose it, that is fall asleep. The church and Christians need to be on the cutting edge, always committed to his work. Always looking to do more, and expand our boundary's.

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