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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Patiences is a virtue, and it is better understood by the aged.
Waiting is something no one seems to enjoy, we live a world of fast food, scanners, computers, instant messages, and cell phones.
The Bible teaches that those who wait on the lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings as eagles and fly.
My grandfather would tell me not to wish my life away.
I am now starting to understand why the aged are more patience than the young.
My wife and I missed our plane in Paris, we arrived in Venice and there was not luggage.
I had a job for 3 years where I would fly sometimes every day, the airlines know my address, it seemed they lost my luggage every Friday.
There were many in line with me at the Venice airport, to let the airlines know that our luggage did not arrive. Many were really upset, so upset I am sure it affected their entire vacation. Learning from experience, I knew there was no reason to get upset, the airlines would just need a address, and they would deliver our luggage. Nothing would change by being upset.
We walked out of the airport with just our carry on bags, caught a bus, then walked about a block to a boat that took us to the old city, then arriving at our dock, we walked at least 6 blocks over 3 bridges to our third floor apartment. We laid down for a few hours to catch up on the jet lag, and there was a knock on our door, sure enough there was a man from the airlines, with our 4 over stuffed suitcase's. I tipped him and said thanks.
The best thing that happened that day was the airlines lost our luggage. I am not sure we could have made it to the apartment lugging all of those bags.
We missed our plane on the way back in New York, when we arrived in Detroit, yep no luggage, we smiled at each other and walked to our car.
Take life a little slower, roll with the punches, you will smile more, and people around you will catch on to the secret of Patience.

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cnsafelyhomejj said...

This is a great message. I wish more people would realize that life is too short to worry about the things you can not change. Hope my other half reads your message. Thanks