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Saturday, February 9, 2008


Can prayer really change things.
There have been many books written about prayer.
The attitude, the structure, the content. How to get God to answer prayer.
There have even been best sellers, about positive prayer, and financial results.
Prayer is no big secret, it is communicating with God himself.
Communicating with the creature, the alpha and omega of life.
There is no secret to prayer.
Most people do not receive answered prayer, because they do not ask.
The Bible is clear, you have not because you ask not.
If you are in Christ you are a new creature, you life belongs to him.
Prayer is communicating with him, the Bible say we ask amiss, meaning we are asking God to do something against his nature to help our selfishness.
Trusting God is recognizing his as our Lord, allowing him to decide what is needed in our lives,
it is not complaining that God does not answer, it is being satisfied with what God does answer.
Prayer is simple, make sure you are totally committed to him.
Make sure your prayer is not selfish, that does not mean you can not pray for yourself, we all need strength, some need healing, all to help with his plan in our lives.
Then just ask him, and allow him to answer, and accept the answer God gives, after all he is God.

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Ashley said...

Pastor Fry,
I am so jealous you have figured out blogger I am still trying to master it.