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Friday, February 8, 2008

Logical Thinking

How to think logically. Have you ever heard someone say; that just does not compute, or that makes not since. They are saying the point you are making is no supported with facts, or the facts do not support your argument.
Logical thinking is thinking with facts. Logical thinking takes work. It takes study.
Most people today are only taught to think in a box, they are given facts, shown how to connect the facts. That is being a good student, but thinking beyond the box, and expanding, takes logical thinking. Once you have all the facts, and you connect all the dots, you will then be able to see what is missing, you can then bring in a new idea, and support that idea with facts and work beyond the teacher student mode of learning.
Logical thinking is gifted to some people, it just seem that all the tumblers just fall into place, you can give them information and they can assimilate it as fast as they receive it. Most people are not that way, they will need to make a list, look at the list, study the list, look for the weaknesses in that list, and then make a calculated decision, with the information they have. Logical thinking includes all of the know information, and it also eliminates all information not pertaining or supporting the decision being made.
If you think logically, you will be able to take a stand, That stand will be supported with facts, and clear thinking. That stand will make you a leader. Leaders are hard to find. When you find one follow them, they see things you may miss, and assimilate a situation with due causation.
That will protect you, and encourage you, it will add light to your path.
The Bible say study to show yourself approved a workman that needs not to be ashamed. God is saying, study, and know what you are talking about, dig deep, connect the dots.
We sure could use logical thinkers, in every aspect of life as we know it.
May God help you to be one.

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