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Sunday, September 21, 2008

True Assets

Calculating Your Net Worth
How does a person calculate their net wort?Many would say you start with real assets, the house, car, bank accounts.Then subtract your liabilities.What are your real assets? What is first on your list?Let's take a look at our real assets, the things you do not want to loose.The things you would never put a price on.Family, wife, husband, children, grandchildren, parents, friends.If you have ever lost any of these you know exactly what I am talking about.I have lost a brother, a grandson, and some really close friends.I have learned these are real assets, these are of real value. They can never be replaced.Money comes and goes, cars rust, houses need continual upkeep.Family and friends need our time, or values, or attention.Take some time and assess your true net worth.With these assets, there are few liabilities.

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