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Friday, September 19, 2008

Short Selling abuse

It is so simple, but those wanting to feed off the beast can not see it.
If you own it you can sell it, if you do not own it, you have no right to sell it.
If you have a purchase agreement to buy it, you can sell it, but you must deliver,
no exceptions.
If you sell a company short and it goes BK, your debt becomes a asset to the owners of that company,and all debt needs to be collected. No more canceling stock in any company until all settlements are collected.
It is so simple, a preacher can understand it.
When you through ethics out the window, you only have anarchy left.
Oh; but we must make a market, tell me the difference between enron,
and the way the market is now doing business.
Everyone would love to sell things they do not own.
Hypothetically, if I know a restaurant that looks like it will fail. can I sell that restaurants equipment to you, and not own the equipment?
Then when when the restaurant goes BK, I owe you nothing.
Only in the stock market does it work that way,
IMO end it and end it now

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