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Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin Politics

I am not much into politics, I think we have better things to do.
To see any person being crucified for their Christian belief, like a Christian can not hold office because they have faith in a living God should upset every Christian living.
No matter what political side you set on, no Christian should be put down because of their faith.
Most know me as a believer in the kingdom of God, and believing that God has the rule over any king or kingdom, so who sets as president is neither here nor there to me. Both seem to sell out, and both parties have their share of crooks.
To set back and tolerate a person being tagged as a Christian as being a bad thing, or disqualifying one to serve this country is over the line. Way over the line.
Yes it offends me as a born again Christian. It should offend you too.
The presidential race should be about the issues, and neither candidate has addressed the nationalizing of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac .
I do not like a presidential candidate owning a brewery either, alcohol has been and still is one of the worst things that has hit this country. Now I have offended both the Republicans and Democrats, so be it. If you are offended, your politics are stronger than your faith, God help us all.
You see I am non partisan. I am Christian first, and last.
What the media is saying and doing to Sarah Palin is a disgrace.

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