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Monday, July 4, 2011

Old Glory

When I look upon old glory
I feel her heart and remember her story

I see more than the red, white, and blue
I see the faces come shining through

The men and women who gave it all
so we can have freedom in the assembly hall

Freedom to worship as we please
freedom to work and live at ease

Their faces are always showing there
Asking me if I really care

I remove my hat, and lay my hand on my heart
but that is not all it is only the start

I owe it to them for the life they gave
to vote, worship, and respect their grave

All gave some, and some gave all
The least I can do is respect their fall

I will stand in respect as she passes by
with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye

I am thankful for all they have given me
The home of the brave the land of the free

The next time you see old glory pass by
give her your heart, not just your eye.

R.L. Fry 4July 2011

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