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Sunday, June 19, 2011

If I could hear my father sing again

To his great great granddaughter he gave his last cute smile
He had not opened his eyes for such a long long while
I saw my mom kiss his cheek, with a tear drop in her eye
She then turned and smiled at me, she looked back and said goodbye

Dad was all ready now, to travel to his home
The one he had been looking for, the one around Gods throne
I could only envy him, as I had done so many times before
He soul was moving rapidly toward heavens open door.

I laid my hand upon his head, it was there for some time
I could feel his heart singing Jesus is all mine
He finally slipped away, to the other shore.
The moment of his passing, made me love Jesus more and more.

Dad is now in heaven, and his memories are so sweet
I look forward to seeing him again, at Jesus feet
I can hear him singing in God's choir, its about to begin
The song is so beautiful, and I can here my father sing again.

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