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Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to have peace in your life

We live in a world that is always in a hurry, whether going or coming home, we are always rushed.
We live in a world that is filled with people wanting what they want when they want it.
We live in a world that is filled with sorrow, heart ache, and death.
Yet the bible teaches that we can have a peace that passes all understanding, but if we focus on the problems of our day, we know any peace would be beyond our understanding.
If we could fist look at ourselves and find all of our selfishness, every ounce of it, we would find the truth about what angers us, and what is always stealing the peace from our lives.
A selfish person is a lonely person, a selfish person is always wanting more, and never content with anything. Paul said I have learned to be content. Contentment with life, understanding that God himself knows where we are, what we have, and why we are in the circumstances we are in.
Trusting God, and denying ourself, is the key to living a peaceful life.
Try it, after all, our selfish nature, always thinks that if it gets its way, that will bring peace.
How is that working out for you?
Try denying yourself and accepting the contentment god can bring through faith. God Bless

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