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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Raising Children, and Grandchildren

Give your kids music lessons, on any instrument they ask to take lessons on.
They may not learn to play it, but they will learn to appreciate good music.
They will learn how hard it is, to learn to play a instrument, and they will appreciate those who have mastered the instrument.My dad bought me a guitar , and I took lessons,
I did not learn how to play it.
My dad bought me a Hawaiian guitar, I took lessons, I did not learn how to play it.
Then I wanted a trumpet, he said nothing about the other two instruments setting in my room, he bought me a trumpet, I did not learn how to play it.
What I did learn.
I learned to appreciate those who do play, I know the sacrifice they made to learn how to play,
I love good musicians.
I played baseball and football in school, I do not play now, but I love to go to the games.
I appreciate the game.
I will buy my grandchildren any instrument they want to take lessons on,
I will buy ball, art, mechanical, and fishing equipment,
I will buy lessons on almost anything, gymnastics, music, art, swimming, karate,
but Never
will I buy fads,
I do not want them to be like all the other kids, I want them to be themselves.
IMO; when we buy into the fads with kids, we are allowing a 9 year old to teach them their values.
Parents should teach values to their children.
Now if you buy them every thing little Johnny has down the street, so they can be like little Johnny, it could be really hard to get your influence back if Johnny goes bad.
You gave Johnny that influence over your child.
Teach your kids, what is good, spend time with them, buy them things that will teach them,
not things that make them part of a instant gratification group,
that at some point, you will do everything you can to get them out of that group.

Raising kids is not easy, and we learn so much, when it is too late.
I do have good kids and grandkids, I love them dearly.
I have seen that many of there misjudgments, they have made,
I allowed them to be taught by others.
When My kids were young it was the Guess jeans group.
I wished many times I would have just guessed again.

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