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Monday, April 4, 2011

God Speaks

God Speaks

Lord when did it start, where did we fail

It seem the whole earth is being whirled by its tail.

The wars, and the earth quakes, they are coming so fast

How long lord, do we wait, for the one final blast.

You have our attention, if you will just show us your hand

There are times we feel so defeated, and drug through the sand.

We have prayed so intensely lord, now what must be done.

To get your attention Lord, and get back to the fun.

Now son hold your thought there, just for a bit.

The world looks much different from where I am set.

I have given you the Bible, and my only son.

You pray like you love him, then turn and run.

You want your prayers answered, then listen to me

Give up yourself, and lean totally on me.

Give up the temporal things, or I will take them away.

I made everything, they are all mine anyway.

Be the kind of man, I created you to be

Full of power and might, from all fear be set free.

Stand in the gap life isn't too long you will see

But you do as I choose, and you will have all eternity.

See now young man, it isn't as bad as some think.

All that needs done will be done in a blink.

So stop playing around, and get back to my task

Disconnect from the world, and connect to what last.

The world is a temporary home at its best.

I have a place fore you , that is more than you guest.

A home that is eternal, splendid, and fair.

I am just doing my best to make sure you are all there.

Rev. Robert Fry

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