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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Some thing we may want to keep in mind about Judas.
He was chosen by Jesus, in Matthew 10,
I wonder what he was thinking when Jesus called his name?
I wonder if he thought this guy lines up with my political views, I want Israel to be a independent state, not subjects of the Roman empire. Jesus will make this happen.
I wonder what Judas thought when he saw Nicodemus come to Jesus in John chapter 3.
Maybe he thought this was good now they have someone with some money to help with his personal agenda, and missed the message about being born again.
I wonder what Judas thought when he saw Jesus talking to the woman at the well,
perhaps he thought the Samaritans would be strong in numbers when the rebellion to Rome startes.
I wonder what Judas thought when he saw the lame man walk, and the blind man see,
maybe he thought many of these illnesses are just psychological, and Jesus is a good motivator.
I wonder where Judas was when Jesus walked on the water, I guess he was just asleep in the boat.
Judas the one who betrayed Jesus, the one who hanged himself,
Judas was there all the time, but missed the true purpose of Jesus ministry.
He missed it and it cost him eternity.
How many go to church today and never get the message, they are asleep in the boat,
because they are looking for a political angle, or a financial angle, or even just a friendly place to be.
The message of the church today has not changed the gospel.
You must be bone again, you must submit to him totally.
Do you want the abundant life? The peace that passes all understanding.
Ask him into your heart today, and put him first, do not try to change the Bible or the message,
allow the Bible and the message to change you.

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